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  •        Skin of face

  • S2 "Lifting

    S2 "Lifting Recommended to repeat 6 - 8 times in one go .

    Count rate - the calm.

    S2 "Lifting head bowed in a posture " Starting position: sitting on a chair , legs - shoulder width apart, slightly pushed forward , hands - free on his knees , his head - right , look - ahead.

    V / t - "once - four .



    " - whole body lean forward and grab the ankles behind , his head between his legs ; O / T - " time -.



    - four " - as you exhale , without changing the position of the body, to raise his head as high as possible and look forward ; 2 .

    O / T - "five - eight .



    " - lower your head between your legs, breath.


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