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Skin care


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  •        Skin of face

  • 3 drops of orange

    3 drops of orange 3 drops of peppermint oil + 2 drops lavender + 3 drops of frankincense.

    2 drops of ylang-ylang oil + 2 drops of mint + + 3 drops of lavender 3 drops of rosemary.

    Aromatherapy against atherosclerosis Incenses.

    In the bowl of water, you can add 6 drops of orange oil, or 7 drops of geranium, or 7 drops of basil, or 5 drops of lemon or fragrances of these oils.

    3 drops of orange oil + 2 drops lemon.

    2 drops of basil oil + 3 drops geranium + 1 drop of lemon.

    4 drops of geranium oil + 1 drop cedar + 2 drops of ylang-ylang.

    3 drops of cinnamon oil + 2 drops of orange + 1 drop of lemon.

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    These include

    These include Paying attention to these subjective assumptions.

    These include : - Bumbling facial and neck ; - Inadequate water intake ; - Bad habits associated with the face area ; - Physical inactivity, musculoskeletal system , head and neck .

    Reflect a little bit about these reasons , try to understand how they may affect the rate of aging of the face.

    And how do you care for your face? Ability to care for appearance does not come suddenly .

    We have to learn .

    And do not blindly adopt the methods and techniques of facial and try to understand the physiological significance of various cosmetic procedures , their action is your one and only body.

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    Besides white

    Besides white Human adipose tissue in the vast majority consists of white adipose tissue.

    The most important function of white adipose tissue is the accumulation and mobilization of lipids, especially triglycerides and free fatty acids.

    Besides white adipose tissue, and has brown adipose tissue, which plays an important role in thermoregulation newborn.

    Its function in adults currently unknown.

    Distribution of fat in the human body depends on the sex, age and race.

    As a rule, women have proportionally higher percentage of adipose tissue of the body weight than men, which is manifested by a thicker layer of subcutaneous fat.

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    Part of the blood

    Part of the blood Where are the wrinkles? And the truth is, where? What time does the skin and why it is so treacherous issue the woman's age? First and foremost - with age, the skin begins to be supplied with enough blood.

    To 25 years old man grows, "grows" and the skin - so the blood is distributed in the body "uniformly.

    " After 25 years, our body begins to redistribute blood in favor of the internal organs, removing it from the skin.

    Skin feels lack of oxygen and nutrients.

    This process takes 10-15 years.

    Part of the blood vessels, suitable for embryonic layer of the skin, atrophy.

    Inadequate blood supply is the main cause of premature aging of skin.

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    From 11 to 12 hours. This

    From 11 to 12 hours. This 9 to Your skin is close to the best of shape.

    Defenses are completely restored.

    At this time can be done by subcutaneous injection, because of their side effects will be minimal.

    But from sporting events from 9 to 10 should be avoided, since blood is a large percentage of cortisone.

    From 11 to 12 hours.

    This is the most active period of the sebaceous glands, which is why your skin is so shiny.

    Note that at this time the skin is especially sensitive to the stimuli, such as the presence of alcohol in the body and can answer a little redness.

    From 13 to 14 hours.

    The body starts to decrease blood pressure and hormones.

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