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  •        Skin of face

  • Application. Apply

    Application. Apply Combine all ingredients, adding an essential oil.


    Apply the mixture to the body and wrap with plastic wrap.

    Wear warm clothes.

    After 30 minutes, take a shower.

    Wrap with berries 100 g cherries, plums, pitted.


    Grind the berries in a blender until smooth.


    Apply the mixture to massage movements to clean the skin, wrap with plastic wrap, wrap myself in a warm blanket, after 30 minutes, rinse with warm water.

    Apply a nourishing cream.

    Honey yoghurt wrap Requires 400 ml yogurt, 2 tbsp.




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    Now close

    Now close Do this exercise 3 times a day.

    It strengthens the upper and lower eyelids, removes the "bags" under the eyes, improves muscle tone of the cheeks.

    Rub your hands several times, warming them.

    Now close your eyes and place palms cupped, the eye without touching the eyelids.

    It is important that the center of the palms was right against the eye.

    Feel the warmth of your hands, warm eyes that will give relaxation, recreation and health.

    This exercise of yoga.

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    Recommendations: Check

    Recommendations: Check recommendations: Check the chewing of food .

    Evenly you distribute the load on the chewing muscles ? And feel like your teeth ? Maybe it's time to take the trip to the dentist ? Poizuchal also his face in the mirror - the same volume whether the buccal area right and left ? If you find that you prefer to grind the food on the left or right side , then turn the control, often deliberately try to chew on that side of the mouth, which has long been dormant .

    By the way , thorough chewing of food - it's not only a great opportunity to train the masticatory muscles , and thus keep the facial muscles in tone, but it is also very important for good digestion .

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    As with previous

    As with previous The first phase Stretch your lips, pressing them tightly to the teeth, lips wrap for teeth.

    Fingers located at the corners of the mouth (see 1.

    Tighten your muscles as much as possible of the lips, count to five, relax your muscles, three seconds repeat.

    As with previous exercises, perform his first five times.

    Increase the number of repetitions every day until you can not easily do the exercise eight times in a row.

    Intensive phase Having mastered the exercise, accelerate the rhythm and tripling the number of repetitions.

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    It turns

    It turns Perhaps these flavors give the effect is not as fast as sex pheromones, but in a relationship with a partner is honest and all natural.

    American scientists during their research found that there is a close relationship between sexual behavior and the ability to perceive odors.

    It turns out that people with a strong sense of smell, very rarely complain of sexual and psychological abnormalities.

    However, the sense of smell, as well as any other feeling, can be developed.

    And in this case are good helpers essential oils, gently leading to the normalization of the endocrine system and reveal the inner world of people.

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