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    One of the most

    The next factor - aerotherapy.During the reception, air baths irritation occurs cutaneous receptors, increased functionality of the body and its resistance to adverse health environmental factors.One of the most effective actions is climatotherapy thalassotherapy - the use for therapeutic purposes natural factors associated with the presence of the sea.This method is beneficial for people with lung diseases, cardiovascular and nervous systems.An important component of climatotherapy is aromatherapy.Aromatherapy here should be understood in the broadest sense of the word - that is, it is not only the treatment of essential oils, but also treatment aromas of fresh flowers and trees that surround us.

    Corners of his lips

    If you are over sixty, and you strongly drooped cheeks, above all these exercises will help you to significantly mitigate this shortcoming.If you want to finally deal with "tanks", try the following exercises.Exercise 1 Sit up straight, open your mouth.Firmly pull the lower lip to the teeth, wrap her teeth.Corners of his lips lightly against the molars, fix them there.The upper lip should be held tightly to the upper teeth (see Figure 2.Lift the corners of the lips and lower jaw (as a bagger).

    It lasts a week. So if you want

    Such skeptics

    Or , in extreme cases , to solve the problem by using plastic surgery.Such skeptics are among the common people, and among the cosmetologists, but is it true ? Start your search If you really want to stay young , most importantly - start searching for ways to achieve this .Reflect a little .What is the youth, to which we aspire ? Obviously , youth - is a constant update , the state of growth and positive development.Young man - one who exists in some optimally balanced , harmonious mode of life.And life , as you know - the movement , and the essence of man - his soul in motion , the movement of thought , the body motion .

    Apply the comb

    If you have seriously decided to get rid of cellulite, then without an assistant can not do here! Well, this Stump beloved husband or Boy Frend - most interested in your beauty and irresistible people.Cellulite massage Start with bows stroking across the thigh.Apply the comb stroking all fingers (all movements with both hands to perform upwards only to the nearest large lymph node in the groin area).Then go to the masticating (starting with a circular motion).Is received with both hands, alternately acting on the body of the terminal phalanges of fingers.Getting to perform kneading thigh.

    3 drops of orange

    3 drops of peppermint oil + 2 drops lavender + 3 drops of frankincense.2 drops of ylang-ylang oil + 2 drops of mint + + 3 drops of lavender 3 drops of rosemary.Aromatherapy against atherosclerosis Incenses.In the bowl of water, you can add 6 drops of orange oil, or 7 drops of geranium, or 7 drops of basil, or 5 drops of lemon or fragrances of these oils.3 drops of orange oil + 2 drops lemon.2 drops of basil oil + 3 drops geranium + 1 drop of lemon.4 drops of geranium oil + 1 drop cedar + 2 drops of ylang-ylang.3 drops of cinnamon oil + 2 drops of orange + 1 drop of lemon.

    These include

    Paying attention to these subjective assumptions.These include : - Bumbling facial and neck ; - Inadequate water intake ; - Bad habits associated with the face area ; - Physical inactivity, musculoskeletal system , head and neck .Reflect a little bit about these reasons , try to understand how they may affect the rate of aging of the face.And how do you care for your face? Ability to care for appearance does not come suddenly .We have to learn .And do not blindly adopt the methods and techniques of facial and try to understand the physiological significance of various cosmetic procedures , their action is your one and only body.

    Besides white

    Human adipose tissue in the vast majority consists of white adipose tissue.The most important function of white adipose tissue is the accumulation and mobilization of lipids, especially triglycerides and free fatty acids.Besides white adipose tissue, and has brown adipose tissue, which plays an important role in thermoregulation newborn.Its function in adults currently unknown.Distribution of fat in the human body depends on the sex, age and race.As a rule, women have proportionally higher percentage of adipose tissue of the body weight than men, which is manifested by a thicker layer of subcutaneous fat.

    Part of the blood

    Where are the wrinkles? And the truth is, where? What time does the skin and why it is so treacherous issue the woman's age? First and foremost - with age, the skin begins to be supplied with enough blood.To 25 years old man grows, "grows" and the skin - so the blood is distributed in the body "uniformly." After 25 years, our body begins to redistribute blood in favor of the internal organs, removing it from the skin.Skin feels lack of oxygen and nutrients.This process takes 10-15 years.Part of the blood vessels, suitable for embryonic layer of the skin, atrophy.Inadequate blood supply is the main cause of premature aging of skin.

    From 11 to 12 hours. This

    Usually recommend

    Diet and supplementation program depend on the age, health status, lifestyle, body type and many other factors.In addition, it is proved that boring and monotonous food leads to depression.So eat as much as possible a variety of products.Just make sure to eat an amount that allows you to have a healthy weight.If you do not know what it should be in your case - consult your doctor.Usually recommend eating two servings a day of benign protein products.Should give preference to lean beef, chicken, turkey, fish and eggs.

    Spoons product

    You can not just drop in a bath of oil bottle! If you do so, on the surface of the water you'll find a few oil stains, and do not think that dissolve.To dissolve the essential oils that you need? Well, of course, the solvent.And then you use everything at hand: honey, sour cream, kefir, cream (8 drops of oil and 4 tbsp.Spoons product mix, and then dissolve in the bathroom).Very useful to use in such procedures sea salt, but if it was not at home, you'll do regular cooking (8 drops of oil to 4 tbsp.Spoons of salt).If you are a treatment, not just relaxation, remember that for therapeutic purposes to 10-15 procedures.

    Group III : the muscles

    Group III : the muscles of the mouth, tongue and chewing muscles .Group IV : neck muscles and surrounding areas .Division muscle groups rather arbitrary , and sometimes some of them can be classified as one or the other group .facial muscles Facial muscles are, as we have said , the thin muscle bundles , fixed to the bone on the face only one end that defines superpodvizhnost skin.Facial muscles are superficial, that is located directly under the skin , based on the inner side to the deeper muscle and bone and cartilage matrix .Functional orientation determines the location of the facial muscles on the face.

    Adverse effects of natural

    Adverse effects of natural phenomena ( cold or hot , dry or high humidity, winds , dust , solar radiation, or the lack of sun , etc.) currently exacerbated environmental problems , which , in fact, are one of the sides of the socio- economic background people's lives.By diverse assumptions arising from the socio- economic conditions are such fundamental aspects of life , as the level of health development , the existing moral and psychological climate in the society as a whole and in each family, the community of employees , etc.

    Slopes As we have

    and P.n1 n2 .In the future when building exercises , which combines and combine different movements come in handy such designation directions turns.slopes As we have said , slipping his head is inclined , it is relatively imaginary sagittal and frontal planes.Sagittal - an imaginary vertical plane that divides the body into conditional right and left sides .That is, here we are talking about the slopes to the left and right shoulder , or as they are called, abduction and adduction .Front - an imaginary vertical plane that divides the body conditional on the front and back of the front and implies forward bends (flexion ) and tilts backwards ( extension ) .

    Recommendations: Two major

    ..eight times ..." - continue alternating effort and relaxation ; 3 / t - "once - eight ..." - slowly take the starting position.recommendations: Two major stroke exercises can be performed continuously, on subjective sensations ( the account is not limited).The number of repetitions - individually.You should repeat the 4 - 6 times in one approach .Count rate - the calm.B6 " Tilt back , arms dubbed " Palm put on his shoulders, his arms crossed in front of him .1 / t - "once - four ..." - raise your hands , letting your elbows up , and at the same time reject the head back ; 2 / t - "five - eight .

    Counting rate

    A8 "Shift head forward " 1 / t - "one-two " - move the head forward ; 2 / t - " three or four " - to return to the starting position .recommendations: The number of repetitions can be selected individually .It is recommended to repeat the cycle of 20 - 30 times in one go and perform 2 - 3 sets for training.Counting rate - active .Shift the head, hold your back straight , body fixed at one place.First time to mentally mark the point of maximum shear head forward posture and starting position .GROUP A FOR FACE MUSCLES A1 " offset toward the lower jaw " 1 / t - "one-two " - move the lower jaw to the right; 2 / t - " three or four " - take the starting position.

    The heavier, more

    ...It is best suited for phonophoresis cosmetics, water-based, because water molecules under the influence of the most motile ultravoln.The heavier, more complex composition of the solution, the higher the required concentration of beneficial agent in it, the strength and duration of vibrations ultravoln procedure.The fact that the usual permeability pores is not too large, and the concentration of nutrients soaking when applying creams and other cosmetics is not high enough, which reduces the intensity of their impact on a particular area of ​​the body.

    Application. Apply

    Now close

    Do this exercise 3 times a day.It strengthens the upper and lower eyelids, removes the "bags" under the eyes, improves muscle tone of the cheeks.Rub your hands several times, warming them.Now close your eyes and place palms cupped, the eye without touching the eyelids.It is important that the center of the palms was right against the eye.Feel the warmth of your hands, warm eyes that will give relaxation, recreation and health.This exercise of yoga.

    Recommendations: Check

    recommendations: Check the chewing of food .Evenly you distribute the load on the chewing muscles ? And feel like your teeth ? Maybe it's time to take the trip to the dentist ? Poizuchal also his face in the mirror - the same volume whether the buccal area right and left ? If you find that you prefer to grind the food on the left or right side , then turn the control, often deliberately try to chew on that side of the mouth, which has long been dormant .By the way , thorough chewing of food - it's not only a great opportunity to train the masticatory muscles , and thus keep the facial muscles in tone, but it is also very important for good digestion .

    As with previous

    The first phase Stretch your lips, pressing them tightly to the teeth, lips wrap for teeth.Fingers located at the corners of the mouth (see 1.Tighten your muscles as much as possible of the lips, count to five, relax your muscles, three seconds repeat.As with previous exercises, perform his first five times.Increase the number of repetitions every day until you can not easily do the exercise eight times in a row.Intensive phase Having mastered the exercise, accelerate the rhythm and tripling the number of repetitions.

    It turns

    Perhaps these flavors give the effect is not as fast as sex pheromones, but in a relationship with a partner is honest and all natural.American scientists during their research found that there is a close relationship between sexual behavior and the ability to perceive odors.It turns out that people with a strong sense of smell, very rarely complain of sexual and psychological abnormalities.However, the sense of smell, as well as any other feeling, can be developed.And in this case are good helpers essential oils, gently leading to the normalization of the endocrine system and reveal the inner world of people.

    At the end of XIX century, the first

    This lasted until the late XIX - early XX century.At the end of XIX century, the first serious training program developed a recognized pioneer of modern bodybuilding, a native of Germany, Eugene Sandow.Statuette with his picture is the most honorable award in contemporary professional bodybuilding, it is prepared by the winners "Mr.Olympia".Sandow began his career with a demonstration power tricks.After a while he noticed that his personal achievements are not limited to only one weight lifted weights, he managed to develop a strong, harmonious muscles worthy of envy of the ancient Greeks.

    S2 "Lifting

    Recommended to repeat 6 - 8 times in one go .Count rate - the calm.S2 "Lifting head bowed in a posture " Starting position: sitting on a chair , legs - shoulder width apart, slightly pushed forward , hands - free on his knees , his head - right , look - ahead.V / t - "once - four ..." - whole body lean forward and grab the ankles behind , his head between his legs ; O / T - " time -...- four " - as you exhale , without changing the position of the body, to raise his head as high as possible and look forward ; 2 .O / T - "five - eight ..." - lower your head between your legs, breath.

    You should be able

    The first phase Push the tip of the tongue to the middle of the sky (see .Struggling to tighten muscles of the chin, count to five, release muscle, enjoy relaxing for three seconds, and then start the exercise.Perform each exercise five times a day, every day, increasing the number of repetitions.You should be able to do this exercise easily fifteen times in a row.Intensive phase Well mastered exercise accelerates the pace.Voltage should not last more than two seconds, and relaxation is limited to one second.


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